Our Goal: To provide a highly competitive collegiate summer baseball league as well as a team that will give back to its community.

We expect our men to play hard improve and have a fun summer baseball experience. We are coached by a professional instructor and retired coaches. My personal goal is to offer not only opportunities to play but raise one's baseball IQ as well. It may sound cliche" but that is our mission. We hope the discipline used to improve ones baseball prowess translates into utilizing that same discipline in life and work. There is no substitute for hard work.

Our team started 22 years ago as the Sharks Little league team. As the guys aged we entered the Ban Johnson college summer baseball league 14 years ago. We then decided to form another Midwest league with hopefully better competition. Due to the hard work of the founding members of the league we have made a very nice competitive baseball league.

We look forward to the upcoming season and expect to compete for another run at the championship.


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The Midwest A's proudly play in the MidPlains College Summer Baseball League. It is important that fans of the Midwest A's go check out the Mid-Plains League website for league news and up to date league standings. 

Game Results can be found on game


Midwest A's merchandise will be for sale at home games while supplies last.


General Admission:

$4 Adult

Kids 10 and Under are Free

Season Pass: $50

For Season Ticket inquiries prior to the first home game please contact Cody Newman or Will Rogers via our Contact Us page.